Lord of Life Adult Day Health Center is an enjoyable place that promotes a feeling of security and togetherness through our active and social program. As a social day program for adults, Lord of Life Adult Day Health Center provides the following services: activities, nursing ,nutrition, transportation, personal care and caregiver services.


It is our philosophy that every individual is unique, created and loved by God, and that the fullness of life is intended for all, regardless of age.

Our role in regard to the people whom we serve will be to:

1.   Assure that the giftedness of the individual and/or family is not wasted but is used to enhance self, society or Christ’s ministry.

2.   Assure that the opportunities of the individual are not unduly denied an individual of God’s making and redeeming.

3.   Assure that the challenges and opportunities for Christian worship, study and service be held before persons.

We will be accepting of individuals as they are, presenting them with challenges for personal growth and allowing freedom to choose and to move at their own rate.

We Are Proudly Affiliated With

Erie County Department of Senior Service

State Office for the Aging

Alzheimer's Association of WNY


Long Term Home Health Care Programs

Lutheran Charities


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