Long Journey Home


The Long Journey Home

Fear of the unknown may be our greatest fear, and death is the one unknown that every human being must experience.  This book is directed at two groups of people: those who are thinking about their own end of life, and those who will be helping them through it.

Have you given much thought to the end of your life? Do you know how to designate a trusted person to make decisions about your care when you can no longer speak for yourself?  What legacy of stories and wisdom do you want to leave to the ones you love?  This resource leads us through considering each of these critical questions and provides everything you need to document your instructions and wishes.

The Resource Includes Important Information:

Welcome and Why this Book?

Spiritual Considerations

Who am I?

End of Life Pre-planning

Legal Documents

Funeral Planning

Pre-planning Worksheets

In Closing

The Long Journey Home is available for a donation of $10 to Lord of Life.

For more information, or to request a copy, call Melissa Dwyer at 668-8000 or email us at churchinfo@lordoflife.us.