What do I Need to Know when Planning my Wedding at Lord of Life?

Weddings at Lord of Life are beautiful events filled with joy. Our pastor performs weddings for members and non-members as scheduling permits.  She will be happy to discuss your plans to hold your wedding at Lord of Life or off-site. 

Marriage is understood by this community of faith as a sacred covenant or promise made by two people in the presence of God.  It is a lifelong commitment, intended to sustain the couple through good times and bad.  We live in a broken world where sin is real and causes each of us to fail those we love.  Just as God’s promises to us are trustworthy and help us when we struggle with our own brokenness and/or the brokenness of others, so, too, the promises we make to each other in marriage are able to support us as we celebrate life’s joys and face life’s challenges. 

Preparation for Christian marriage begins at baptism.  During the course of one’s life, we learn what it means to be part of life-giving, healthy relationships.  Our relationship with Jesus Christ is the model for how we find fulfillment in relationship with others.  Those individuals who have not been baptized, or who have little or no experience within a faith community, are welcome to explore what it means to participate in our faith community as they prepare for and live into their marriage.

Although the covenant of marriage is intended to last a lifetime, there are circumstances in which marriages end.  When a previously married and now divorced individual desires to remarry, they are welcome to consider Lord of Life as the location for their wedding.  

There are no extraordinary requirements for remarriage beyond the premarital counseling required of all couples who desire to have their wedding performed by our pastor.

First Things First

One of the first steps is selecting a date and time for your wedding ceremony. Please contact Lord of Life as soon as you have a date in mind and before you commit to any other venue for your wedding reception. Our pastor will make every effort to accommodate your preference, however, there are many other requests made for our facility and pastor’s time, and these commitments are made on a first come, first served basis.

  • If you have not worshipped at Lord of Life, you and your fiancé will need to attend at least one worship service (10 AM Sundays). Please introduce yourself to our pastor. If you have not set the date for your wedding before you attend worship, you will be asked to contact the pastor during the week in order to accomplish that. 
  • Pre-marital counseling is a prerequisite for all weddings performed at Lord of Life or by our pastor at other locations. During these sessions, usually 3 – 4, you will have the opportunity to explore your relationship, get to know each other on a deeper level, identify areas of strength and challenge in your relationship, and learn ways to handle the “bumps in the road” that every relationship experiences. Once you have set the date for your wedding, the pastor will schedule your counseling appointments with you.


Can I have my wedding at Lord of Life if I am divorced or have children?  Yes!

Is there a fee?  There are fees for the use of the building, payment for our wedding coordinator, and an honorarium for our pastor.  These fees will be discussed at your first meeting.  You will find our fees very affordable, especially in terms of the other expenses that most weddings involve.

Can I have someone else officiate my wedding, and just pay to use the building?  No, use of Lord of Life for your wedding should include our pastor.  You may discuss having an additional celebrant if that is your desire.

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